Eric Trich’s Reality

I recently paid a studio visit to Eric Trich, a local artist who will be a part of W.A.A.S.’s one year anniversary exhibition on September 22nd. Trich’s art is something that I have never experienced before, mainly because such a large component of his art is the viewer’s experience. Trich works in a new medium called Augmented Reality.

I got to know a lot about the 24 year old artists and his history working in Dallas. Some would question, “24? What kind of career could an artist have had at the age of 24?” WELL, Trich might very well be the exception. He was the hot name in Dallas at the age of 19, just a student with a part time job at Starbucks. His ongoing success is rivaled by other artists, and now, he is taking the step into a new type of art, using a technology that no one else is using for conveying an artistic message. Augmented Reality works in the coolest way possible. It’s simple for us, but pretty difficult for him. All I had to do to experience the work of Eric Trich was download an app on my iPhone (Junaio) and hold up the camera to one of his canvases. Through the screen of my phone 3D images popped up and the painting, though beautiful as it was stagnant and 2D, became filled with motion and interacted with me.

When was the last time an arm from a painting reached out to touch you? We all probably have the same answer to that question. Trich’s use of this technology separates him from the pack. In the contemporary art world, technical talent in the medium you work in simply does not cut it. Creating work in a brand new, never before used for art medium? Well that’s what is going to continue to keep Trich’s name fresh on the tongues of the Dallas art market. And beyond.

His work will be featured in a group show at W.A.A.S. opening September 22nd.